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Sometimes You Just Need Cake

My husband is in the middle of a low carb diet and after trying to be really good after all this Easter chocolate, I must've had cake on the brain.  Check out my newest entry to the shop!

I'm starting to finally capture my style and how I want everything to look in my store.  I like kitsch, but still clean, modern lines.
I definitely want the products in my store to look cohesive and that was NOT at all how it started (and actually it's not like that now either).  It still has a long way to go.  Anybody out there have an Etsy shop with some sage advice?  I'm very new to this venture and would love any tips!  If you are interested in purchasing the digital print, click the link above to access the Etsy store.  :)

Behind the Name for Sweet Cheeks

Sweet Cheeks is named after my mother, Karen Moffitt.  We lost her far too early and I think of her everyday.  Both of my parents always pushed me to be bold and a risk taker.  I was far too timid as a child and young adult, caring way too much about what others thought of me without standing up for myself or truly being myself in front of others. My mother always would sing to me that "You Gotta Be" song by Des'ree that came out in the 90s as a reminder quite often, haha!  When I decided to take this brave (to me at least) venture into opening an Etsy store and transitioning my life from a life as a teacher to one with a more creative outlet, I couldn't help but think of her through all of these steps.  So that is why I thought it would be incredibly fitting to honor my mother through the name Sweet Cheeks Graphics.  Miss you everyday.


Tutorial Video Demos


Living in Phoenix truly is both a blessing and a curse.  Sunshine most of the days of the year; it is absolutely beautiful here! Phoenix is really up and coming with its downtown scene so if you haven't visited lately you definitely SHOULD.  Just not in the summer... Unless you really enjoy 118 degree weather.

The one thing that I love the most here in Phoenix is the beautiful landscaping.  I am a sucker for a good cactus and the longer I have lived here the more I appreciate some good drought tolerant flora.

Hiking is something I really enjoy in Phoenix and if you ever come out here download the All Trails app and see all the trials that are available to you nearby. It's insane how many there are!

 The restaurants here are amazing and I keep an ever-growing list of restaurants to try on my phone. Some of our favorites are...

* Lux Coffeehouse*

* Angel's Trumpet House*

* Federal Pizza*

* Windsor*

* Churn*

*Cartel Coffee Lab*


*Waffle Crush Food Truck*

*Bosa Donuts*

Honestly, you really can't go wrong and there are so many more that we like I just don't have photos of them.  If you ever want suggestions feel free to email me or Instagram chat me to ask where are some good places to eat. 

There are SO many cute local boutiques here, museums, bars, parks, SO much you can do! EnJoY PHX!

Get Your Shop On

Meet Heather

Hi there! I'm Heather, a self taught graphic designer from Phoenix, Arizona.
I grew up in Virginia raised by two loving parents and my sidekick older sister whom I adore.  I moved to Arizona to attend college up in Flagstaff and decided to settle in to Phoenix for a career in education.  Graphic design has always been my passion and hobby so I am excited to pursue this dream and hope to never run out of inspiration!